Protecting the Powerless, Curbing the Powerful

Protecting the Powerless, Curbing the PowerfulProtecting the Powerless, Curbing the Powerful – These books are a collection of the best papers presented at our international conferences on human rights and peace in Southeast Asia held once every two years. The volume you hold today was gleaned from our fourth conference held in Bangkok in 2016.

The sixth volume in our Human Rights and Peace in Southeast Asia Series, achieves that balance wonderfully. The writers have produced detailed and finely researched works covering a range of issues. Helen Quane grapples with the friction arising from increased calls for religious laws to be introduced into existing legal systems and how this may be perceived as a threat to human rights. Such a development has already taken root in Brunei and has vocal proponents in both Indonesia and Malaysia. Although a highly sensitive subject, Quane expertly navigates the minefield which is made all the more treacherous as it encompasses not only law and governance but the extremely personal matter of faith.


Author: SEAHRN

Topics: Regional Human Rights

Output: Outlook