The Education Committee

The Education Committee is invested in Academic Resource Development and Capacity Development of teaching faculty to strengthen teaching materials and teaching capacities of both human rights and peace issues in Southeast Asia.


Academic Resources:

  1. Publication and distribution of the second edition of ASEAN human rights textbook. 
  1. Production and distribution of ASEAN Teaching Manual for Human Rights and Peace in Southeast Asia.

Curriculum development: The key outcome of this four-year program is the development of a common regional curriculum or program on human rights and peace at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Translation Projects: A great limitation on the teaching of human rights and peace is the unavailability of material in national languages. Hence, critical human rights and peace material for research and education will be selected for translation. A list of relevant and useful texts for the teaching and research on human rights and peace will be created and translated into ASEAN languages to facilitate the teaching of human rights and peace.

Teaching Manual:  A teaching manual that will help teachers to use the textbook, but also give ideas, exercises, and activities for teaching human rights at the undergraduate level.


The overarching objective of this project is to contribute to the improvement of the human rights of peoples in Southeast Asia through education and applied research.

Specific programs for meeting the objectives are:

Training on the Teacher’s Manual: An annual training on the Teachers’ Manual will be offered to guide lecturers on how to use the ASEAN Human Rights Textbook.

Training on Teaching Human Rights which will provide a solid foundation in human rights and peace theories, and also in teaching methodology, following the regional curriculum to be developed.

Institutional capacity development to increase the number of qualified academics teaching human rights and peace at Southeast Asian universities by 2019. Universities with existing human rights or peace centres.

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