Use of Observational Documentary to Advocate Human Rights among Youth in Thailand and Myanmar: A Case Study of The Third Eye

Based on human right violation due to the construction of international deep-sea ports and special economic zones in Ban Banglamung, Thailand and Dawei, Myanmar, the observational documentary The Third Eye was selected as case study to explore two main points: The use of observational documentary as a tool to advocate human rights among youth of Thailand and Myanmar, and ways of the youth to create their own ways to advocate human rights. The research indicated three main arguments: Firstly, The Third Eye was attractive for specific audiences however younger groups outside locations of human rights violation found it challenging to connect themselves with the film. Secondly, participation of the film subjects and audience were crucial in advocating human rights. Lastly, there is no best media for all countries. Although Southeast Asian youth had mutual culture and life styles, different political and cultural contexts of particular societies were significant elements in producing and distributing media to advocate human rights successfully.

Researcher: Unaloam Chanrungmaneekul


Topic: Human Rights