The Research Committee

The work of the Research Grants Committee includes the Research Grants Program, Academic Research Training for Grant recipients and Academic Research Training for non-grantees.


One of the main objectives of the program is to increase the number of people able to research, and the number of research products, on peace and human rights from SEA universities by 2018. In order to reach this goal, several types of academic research grants are provided – Regional Research Grants, Medium Project Grants, Small Project Grants, and Student thesis Grants for Master and PhD students (atleast 5). The duration of the research projects will be from 6-12 months for the small sized grants, and up to 24 months for the medium and regional research projects.The research projects may take many forms. At least 10 research grants are supported per year.

The Selection Committee will assess the qualified research projects according to quality, diversity, and research impact.

The final papers will be edited and published on the SHAPE-SEA website, and may be published in one of SHAPE-SEA’s publications, a stand-alone publication, or a third party publication as long as this meets the requirements for publication set by the research program.

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Researchers from each project will be required to undertake the research workshop prior to beginning the research projects. Those researchers needing or requesting assistance will be provided mentoring. Research mentors will be appointed for those projects needing assistance, or if requested by the researchers. Among the program activities are trainings on research methodology and research techniques for specific human rights and peace concerns.

The seminars will be conducted on an annual basis with a duration of four to five days, regional wide, and delivered in English, for at least 20 participants in every seminar, with the possibility of conducting the workshop in various ASEAN languages.

Three Academic Research Grants Training have been conducted.

  1. Academic Research Grants Training 2015
  2. Academic Research Grants Training 2016
  3.  Academic Research Grants Training 2017

In addition, the Research Committee has conducted Academic Research Training for non-grantees to build capacities of researchers and scholars in Southeast Asia to strengthen the quality of research in the region. The main participants have been graduate students, emerging academics, and human rights and peace researchers who are  interested in research in the region.

  1. Academic Research Training, Cambodia, June 2016
  2. Academic Research Training, Timor Leste, April 2017
  3. Academic Research Training in Mahasarakham, June 2017

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