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We are Hiring: Executive Director

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SHAPE-SEA is looking for an experienced, committed, and inspiring individual to provide overall strategic leadership to the Programme Management Office, and towards the fruition of mission and vision for Programme Phase 2. He/She/They shall enable the strengthening of SHAPE-SEA’s institutional memory, and realize overall efforts towards maintreaming human rights and peace in all of Southeast Asia.

About SHAPE-SEA Phase 2

Building on lessons learned from and the gains of Phase I (2015-2021), the overarching vision of SHAPE-SEA Phase 2 is to instill a culture of human rights and peace in Southeast Asia through applied research, education, inter-sectoral partnerships, and policy advocacy. Furthermore, the programme, based in Bangkok, Thailand, aims to contribute to a “new and better normal” that not only recognizes and addresses diverse lived experiences, but also allows for the full protection of human rights of Southeast Asian peoples and the improvement of the peace situation in the region. SHAPE-SEA shall then play a role in:

  • producing, problematizing and disseminating knowledge on critical issues in the region and institutionalizing human rights and peace in higher education.
  • engaging a wide range of stakeholders to enhance their role as well-informed, skilled, and active change agents.
  • integrating a rights-based approach towards the achievement of academic freedom, gender equality, poverty eradication, and environmental protection.

The programme shall also ensure:

  • more capacity development and opportunities for researchers and scholars in Southeast Asia, particularly from low income/ academically developing countries, to enable them to contribute to existing knowledge on human rights and peace, and be competitive enough to obtain funding, conduct research and produce & disseminate knowledge.
  • more resources to transform research outputs into documents that can influence, answer, and persuade different populations of the importance of building a culture of rights and peace.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provide strategic leadership to the Programme Management Office in implementing the strategic plan and activities approved by the Governing Board;
  • Report both proposed programme plans and outputs/outcomes/impacts to the Governing Board, and participate as non-voting secretary of the Governing Board;
  • Organize strategic planning and evaluation meetings of the Governing Board, and, if necessary, consultation meetings on issues affecting strategies;
  • Coordinate with partners, particularly Sida, on matters regarding programme support and/or matters pertaining to programme implementation;
  • Handle programme activities and processes according to SHAPE-SEA policy and regulations, including Sida’s contributions on management rules.
  • Contribute to operational planning, activities, follow-up and implementation of the SHAPE-SEA work-plan and policies
  • Regularly align with the Programme Director on matters regarding project and activity implementation;
  • Work with Operations Director in monitoring and managing the resources and preparing the necessary contracts regarding externally organized activities or projects awarded to third parties
  • Represent SHAPE-SEA at meetings, seminars, conferences and advocacy activities
  • Regularly conduct risk assessment, conduct systems assessment and update policies when necessary, together with Directors and/or PMO staff
  • Support on-boarding trainings and orientation of staff, researchers and partners on project planning, management, and operational protocols to ensure compliance with SHAPE-SEA policy and procedures
  • Supervise the Communications Manager to ensure that external communications are consistent with the approved strategy
  • Supervise the Monitoring and Evaluations Manager to ensure efficient documentation of outputs, feedback and systematization of evaluation process at the activity and PMO levels
  • Contribute to a healthy, transparent and congenial work environment.


  • Has significant (5+ years) work experience with SHAPE-SEA, AUN-HRE, SEAHRN or with the academe working on human rights and peace at the regional level;
  • Master’s degree or higher in the field of human rights or a related subject such as politics, social sciences, international relations, international law, development studies
  • At least five-year leadership in managing a human rights, peace and/or social science-based research programme;
  • Understanding of the overall socio-political situation as well as human rights and peace situation in the Southeast Asian region and good knowledge of the current socio-political situation in Asia;
  • Ability to work efficiently as a team leader in a multicultural and demanding working environment with cross-programme coordination;
  • Ability to efficiently communicate and inspire efficient staff work and activity implementation;
  • Knowledge of rights-based methodologies, feminist and/or intersectional frameworks;
  • Good advocacy and lobbying skills with various stakeholders (academic community, CSOs and policy makers at the local, national and regional levels.).
  • Good problem solving and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication skills in English and at least one Southeast Asian language.
  • Excellent report-writing and presentation skills.
  • Good IT skills
  • Willing to be based in Bangkok, Thailand

Salary and Benefits

Maximum of 60,000 Baht per month, Visa and Work Permit in Thailand (for Foreigners), Social Security (accorded by Thai Law), Communications Allowance, and small funds for professional development


If you are interested to apply, kindly submit the following documents to on or before 21 January 2022 (23:59 GMT+7)

  • Curriculum Vitae (focusing on work over the past five years)
  • Referral Letter from current or previous supervisor and/or work colleague
  • A 300-word statement on how you, as Executive Director, envision leading the programme amid crises/challenges being faced in Southeast Asia.

For inquiries, feel free to reach out to us via

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