An Introduction to Human Rights in Southeast Asia: A Textbook for Undergraduates Volume 1 – Thai Translation

The Introduction to Human Rights in Southeast Asia is a textbook for Southeast Asian undergraduates. It is written by a team of human rights academics working at universities in the region in response to concerns voiced by many lecturers that there are no textbooks appropriate for teaching human rights in the Southeast Asia. The textbook developed as a contemporary and engaging read for undergraduate students who are studying a general education level course on human rights, or students who study human rights as a part of their program in sociology, law, politics, ASEAN studies, development studies and so on. The textbook does not require specialist knowledge of any discipline. The textbook is open source and freely available to all students, and in an accessible format which is easy to print and photocopy. The textbook has many features to engage and assist students in understanding human rights such as section on definitions, concepts, discussion and debate points. The status of human rights in Southeast Asia is examined using examples and case studies from the region.


Author: SEAHRN

Other Translations: English, Burmese, Khmer

Topics: Human Rights

Output: Textbook

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