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Integrated Safety and Security Mechanism for Indonesian Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer (LBQ) Women and Transgender Men Activists

Defending the rights of LBTQ communities in Indonesia is a challenging and oftentimes daunting task, especially for those activists identifying themselves as lesbian, bisexual or queer (LBQ) women or transgender men. There are no laws that recognize and protect LBQ women and transgender men activists at work, and moreover they are not entitled to the fulfillment and enjoyment of rights as other Indonesians. LBQ women and transgender men activists face greater risks due to the inherent discrimination against those identifying as women as well as the lack of recognition of their activism. Results are most often discriminatory acts and violence directed towards LBQ women and transgender men activists, which are considered as society’s ‘solution’ to help LBQ women and transgender men activists back to living a ‘normal’ life based on tradition, social norms, and religious interpretation of morality. Research was conducted through personal conversations with fellow activists and observations of their daily work lives in women and LBTQ communities in Banda Aceh, Surakarta and Jakarta.


Vica K. Larasati

Topics: Peace and Security


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